Preventing Human Trafficking



We use design thinking and user-centered research methods to collect qualitative data about the root causes of human trafficking. We turn our discoveries into something useable for organizations and government institutions so they can take action to stop human trafficking before it occurs. 



Most anti-trafficking efforts focus on intervention and recovery. BeyondABC focuses on prevention to stop trafficking before it occurs. 


"We have a big picture, but it is impressionistic and lacks depth. We fear the problem is getting worse, but we can not prove it for lack of data, and many governments are obstructing. If we do not overcome this knowledge crisis we will be fighting the problem blindfolded."

- Antonia Maria Costa, The Executive Director of The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

The head of UNODC has called on governments and social scientists to improve information gathering and sharing on human trafficking.  


No Boring Surveys.


We are design thinkers. Instead of handing out surveys, we use interactive experiences like games and workshops because we believe that the best way to conduct research is by engaging with communities. 

We practice participatory design, making the people we’re working with stakeholders in the research process from day one.  


Meet the team


Hi, we're Kate, Ker and Danny. We are group of technologists and designers from Parsons in New York City. BeyondABC started when Kate travelled to India for a research project in December 2014.  She saw a gap in children's education about safety skills needed to protect them from falling prey to human trafficking and child exploitation. She wrote a proposal for a project to address the issue, and BeyondABC was born. 

Kate is a Design and Technology major, focusing on product and tech development. Ker, a MFA Transdisciplinary Design student, will be taking the lead on research. Danny is also a Design and Technology major and will be taking the lead on design and tech development.

The project is currently supported by The India China Institute and The New Challenge, a fund for social innovation. 


Join Us


We are interested in working with anti-trafficking organizations in both India and the US. Please reach out to us if you'd like to get involved. 


We want to grow our team! If you're a developer, designer, researcher or just think you'd be a good fit please reach out to us. We'd love to chat. 

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